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(not for the weak of heart)

All of our children have been adopted!

We have experienced step-parent adoptions and foreign adoption. We have done most of the work ourselves - documents, translations, travel arrangements, court appearances.

You can do it! Children are such a blessing and since we could not have any natural children between us, we chose to adopt.

Our older children are from our previous marriages. We ABSOLUTELY, DO NOT recommend that you build your family through divorce and remarriage! But, having been remarried before we knew any better, we became the parents of six children, three his and three hers. By the mercy of God, we were invited to a 'Basic Youth Conflicts' seminar and learned about the great judgment that we had brought upon ourselves and our children.

Seeing that judgment caused a great change in our hearts. We were adulterers and confessed our sin before a mighty and all-powerful God. We asked for His forgiveness in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He was faithful and just to forgive us.

Our success in adoptions is in no way an example of 'how good' we are. It is rather, the proof that we serve an ever-loving God, Who is merciful toward those with repentant hearts. We pray that you too, will keep an humble heart toward the Lord as you seek to bring a new child into your home.


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