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A family is a great blessing - and responsibility!!!
 uteach2.com is a family-help and home-business resource so you can...
...train up YOUR children in the way they should go...

Children learn best by example.  One of the best ways is to teach them is to work, together, with them!  Starting with the very youngest, each child should have designated chores and responsibilities within his family.  

In our family, as the children grow, they take on greater responsibilities.  The youngest start by helping mom to dust the baseboards and take out the garbage!  Don't be fooled by those who say that childhood is only for playing.

Balance is the key. Work first, play later - that way, children have some motivation to be responsible.  It's not unreasonable to expect children to finish their work before anything else.  Yes, even a three year old can make his bed before he begins his day!

Eventually, you will find a variety of helps on this website - home business suggestions, a forum for networking, adoption help, and ideas for child-training.   We also welcome the opportunity to serve you through one of our small web businesses! 

We also will be adding listings of resources to help uteach2 (you teach too)!!!


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